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Did Matthew Flinders
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From the Sweers Genealogy:
Isaac Sweers (Vice Admiral, brother of Salomon)

Places of interest:
Sweers Island Fishing Resort, Qld.

The Sweers Island project

Title: Sweers Islands Unveiled - Details from Abel Tasman and Matthew Flinders' explorations of Australia
Carsten Berg Høgenhoff in cooperation with Lyn & Tex Battle, Bob Forsyth and Annette Sweerts. Høgenhoff Forlag (Oslo 2006)
ISBN 978-82-99-71402-0 (ISBN 10: 82-997140-2-8) 48 p., stapled cover. AU$ 19.95 + postage


Lutvann 15th Feb 2009From 13th to 15th February 2009, Lyn and Tex (right) visited Carsten and wife Sulja (left) in Oslo, and three out of five in the Sweers Islands Unveiled team were together. Earlier, Bob Forsyth has met with Lyn and Tex on several occasions both in Mount Isa and on Sweers Island, and Carsten has met Annette Sweerts in The Hague, The Netherlands. Photo from Sydholmen at Lake Lutvann by Steinar Winnem.



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