Adapted by Carsten Berg Høgenhoff, Oslo, Norway, in close cooperation with Erik Tøndevold, Asker, Norway and Al Askevold, Forsyth, Missouri, USA. See also Al Askevold's genealogy website.

SIEC Chapter 11-4
Emigration - a short introduction to some families

The SIEC web site deals with ancestors and descendants of the Dutch artillery officer Ahasverus de Créqui dit la Roche (abt. 1617-1678), who emigrated to Norway in 1657. Chapter 11 of the SIEC site lists his descendants as far as we can follow them for several generations until the middle or end of the 19th century.

As in all Norwegian families, many emigrated. Most of all to the United States and Canada, but also to many other places around the globe. On this page, we will describe these emigrant families as we come across them, and follow them for some time in their new homelands. It is by no means a complete list, but as with Chapter 11, our purpose is to follow as many families as we can in order to "reach out" to those searching their own roots.

As a general rule, our research on emigrant families will stop around 1920-1940 - partly due to privacy protection, but also because of the overwhelming work involved in tracing further generations. In cases where we have information even about events after 1940, this is therefore not included in this list. Still, those intrerested will surely have enough knowledge about their own family to recognize ancestors or relatives. And who knows - maybe your familiy is among them?

Any corrections, new information or whatever you feel should be added to this page is warmly welcomed and appreciated. This whole website is the result of contributions from and cooperation with many good family members - and others - across the globe. In genealogist circles, close family is counted at least fifteen generations back, so truly, the Internet has its good sides when it lets us all meet like this!

The emigrant families appear in the same order as in chapter 11, starting with the Jæger familie descending from Ahasverus' eldest daughter, and so on.


Descending from the vicar of Helleland Christian Claussøn Jæger and his wife Jeanne/Johanna de Créqui dit la Roche and their two children. See Chapter 11-1.

  • Sigvard Kr. Jæger, born 1886, unmarried fisker, emigrated from Trondheim 31/5-1905 to Aurora, Illinois

  • 7 a. Knud Jacobsen Jæger, born 1850 Mo, married Kristina, born 1851. They emigrated from Trondheim 6/6-1883 to Portland, Oregon with 3 children
  • 7 c. Hans Jacobsen Jæger, born 1854 Mo, emigrated, La Crosse, Wisconsin, visited Norway og returnerte from Bergen 30/4-1879
  • 7 d. Elisabeth Jacobsdatter Jæger, born 1855 Mo, emigrated from Trondheim 30/6-1881 to Portland, Oregon
  • 7 f. Niels Jacobsen Jæger, born 1858 Mo, emigrated from Trondheim 21/5-1879 to San Francisco 

The considerable emigration from Voss to the United States also affected the Jæger family. Below follow a number of Paul Moltzau Jæger's descendants who all moved to America during the most active period of emigration in the late 19th century. The Voss emigration history is well described, not the least thanks to Vossalaget in America where a number of capable genealogist and historians have contributed with several publications.
  • 6 c. (Herman Jæger, sail maker, born 14/3 1824, dead 1/6 1871. Married twice, the second time with Julie Mathilde Gullaksen, born 1843, dead 1914. 2+5 children). Herman did not emigrate himself, but his second wife Julie emigrated from Bergen on 4th Sept 1882 with her four youngest children after she became a widow (7d - g). Their eldest son Julius (7c) also emigrated.
    • 7 c. Julius Jæger, born 24th Dec 1861, emigratee from Bergen 3rd May 1881, agent in Chicago
    • 7 d. Herman Jæger, born 19th May 1864
    • 7 e. Tycho Christoffer Jæger, born 17th June1866
    • 7 f. Luise Ottilie Jæger, født 12th March 1869
    • 7 g. Øllegaard Jæger, born 1872

  • 8b. Nils Nikolaison KINNE (Kindem) born 13/8-1874 Voss, died 31/8-1938 Minneapolis, emigrated 1892, married Clara Haroldsdatter LEE (from Seljord) born 23/2-1877 Illinois, died 13/10-1964 California. Visit andreturn 1902, moved to Minneapolis and worked as a painter. Five children. Four of them lived in 1930, and stayed in Minneapolis.
    • 9a. Lawrence Howard KINDEM born 16/2-1900 Chimney Rock, Wisconsin, died 26/1-1963 Minneapolis, married Elvie M born 26/2-1904 Rice Lake, Wisconsin, died 6/12-1967 Minneapolis. 2 children
    • 9b. Roy (Ray?) Clemons KINDEM born 11/5-1907 Minneapolis, died 23/3-1990 Minneapolis, married 29/6-1940 Minneapolis Leona Margaret MORITZ born 1907 Elk River, Minnesota, died 1997 Minneapolis.
    • 9c. Glenn T. KINDEM born 28/12-1908 Minneapolis, died 16/3-1983 Robinsdale, Minnesota, married June Rose born 14/6-1914 Minneapolis, died 23/3-1980 Golden Valley, Minnesota. 1 child
    • 9d. Stella KINDEM, sykepleierske og fallskjermhopper, married Nels W. AHNLUND born 7/10-1915 Minnesota, died 12/1-1978 California. 7 children
  • 8c. Eli (Elle) Nikolaisdatter KINNE born 5/12-1878 Voss, died Wisconsin, married 6/11-1899 Sylfest Arneson RENE (a brother of Knut Arneson Rene, author of the large book "Historie om Udvandringen fra Voss og Vossingerne i Amerika", on the emigration from Voss to Amerika, published in the U.S. in 1930 [1]) born 19/6-1870 Voss, emigrated 1893 and returned, emigrated 1902, lived at Eleva, Wisconsin. See Rene/pdf (1930), page 632.
    • 9a. Arne (Arnold) S. RENE born 16/9-1900 Voss, died okt. 1973 Whitehall, Trempealeau, married 12/5-1923 Marie Rosedell DAVIS (Norwegian mother) born 6/8-1905, died 17/10-1983 Whitehall. 7 children
      • 10a. Arnold Stanford RENE born 1/4-1924, married (1) 11/8-1942 Elaine GIFFORD born 22/4-1924, married (2) SMITH. 5 children
      • 10b. Irline (Arlene) Evelyn RENE born 9/12-1926, married 24/11-1945 Gerhard Hermann SELL born 13/6-1924, died 7/7-1978. 4 children
      • 10c. Elsie Doris RENE born 5/11-1928, died 5/11-1928
    • 9b. Neil S. RENE born 8/12-1902 Chimney Rock, Trempealeau, died 27 (28?)/5-1930 Chimney Rock, married 3/12-1927 Teckla AMUNDSON born 27/11-1908. 1 children
      • 10a. Lucille Eldora RENE born 23/5-1928, married 1948 Perry KOLVE born 28 (8?)/1-1928, died 30/4-1981
    • 9c. Anna S. RENE born 13 (14?)/6-1905, died 9/2-1996 Altoona, Eau Claire, married 23/5-1925 Henry Alfred TVERBERG born 1/12-1900, died mai 1977 Altoona. 4 children
      • 10a. Ethel Alvine TWERBERG born 1925
      • 10b. Douglas Roland TWERBERG born 19/8-1928, died 25/12-1983 Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, married 15/4-1950 Videl Janette Anna KOHLS born 29/4-1929. 3 children
    • 9d. Gertrude (”Gertie”) S. RENE born 4/10-1907 Chimney Rock, died 23/7-1975 Eau Claire. 1 children
    • 9e. Ella S. RENE born 30/10-1909, married 27/10-1928 Olaf Gerhard SATHER born 3/2-1904, died 12/6-1975. 4 children. Eleva
      • 10a. Elger Jerome SATHER born 21/11-1929, died 31/3-1930
      • 10b. Gerald Lamoine SATHER born 18/7-1931, died 12/8-1946
    • 9f. Ida S. RENE born 25 (23?)/1-1914, died 7/6 (3?)-1987 Eau Claire, married 20/8-1932 Albert DOKKESTUL born 3/7-1910, died 13/12 1995 Eau Claire
    • 9g. James S. RENE born 23/12-1916, married 18/12-1940 Merle Judith BACK born 19/6-1919. 1 children
  • 8d. Barbrå (Barbara) Nikolaisdatter KINNE born 16/3-1882 Voss, died 8/3-1955 Minneapolis, sydame, emigrated 1906, married 7/4-1905 Bergen Herman Severin STRØM (Alsaker) born 17/10-1882 Askvoll, died 14/12-1943 Minneapolis, snekker
    • 9a. Sverre STROM born 20/8-1905 Askvoll, died 9/3-1979 Minneapolis, married 26/12-1931 Minneapolis Marie Wilhelmina MORITZ born 1905 Elk River, Minnesota, died 1976 Minneapolis
      • 10a. Gladys STROM, died 1943 Chicago, married Everett GLASSBURNER. 1 children
  • 8e. Martha Nikolaisdatter KINNE born 30/5 (6?)-1885 Voss, died 22/12-1966 Minneapolis, emigrated 1902, married 15/10-1904 August Emil JOHNSON (svensk) born 20/12-1875, died 27/8-1974 Minneapolis, snekker
    • 9a. Harriet JOHNSON born 29/9-1905 Minneapolis, died 29/3-1981 St. Paul, married Iner FRYKMAN. 1 children. Einar Frykman born 30/10-1903, died International Falls, Koochiching, Minnesota?
    • 9b. Mildred JOHNSON
  • 8f Nicolai Nikolaison KINDEM born 24/10-1889 Voss, died 9/9-1920, emigrated 25/3-1912 from Bergen to Minneapolis

  • 8a. Nils Larson ULLESTAD born 27/5-1861 Voss, farmer Ratcliffe, Hardin, Iowa, emigrated 1884, married 1889 Ellen Marie L. HODNEFJELD (from Mosterøy). 5 suns:
    • 9a. Lewis Edward ULLESTAD born 9/1-1890, died mai 1982 Audobon, Iowa
    • 9b. Jacob ULLESTAD born 24/7-1893, died Oct. 1982 Story City, Iowa, World War One in France
    • 9c. Elmer ULLESTAD born 1895, WW1 in France
    • 9d. Nelius Emil ULLESTAD born 5/2-1899, died June 1984 Radcliffe
    • 9e. Albert Clarence ULLESTAD born 5/2-1899, died 29/10-1989 Ringsted, Denmark township, Emmet Co., Iowa, married Anna C. born 16/11-1899, died 29/3-1993

Voss Sina JægerPhotograph: Larsine (Sine) Schlanbusch and her Jæger/Askevold family. Al Askevold, who has sent me this picture, writes: There are more children in this photo than I can account for and, since it is taken i Bergen, it must be dated early 1880's. Larsine is positively identified from other photographs. My thoughts on this photo are that the two young ladies are Hildur and Thea Harriet, Fridthjof in the center.(Photo by Hulda Bentzen, Bergen). Hildur and Thea Harriet are half cousins of Henriette Margrethe Jæger, ancestor of the editor of this web site Click here to see complete image.
  • 7 e. Nicolai Castberg Jæger,[207c (Ch. 11-1)] born 11th March 1846, merchant at Voss, dead in USA 12th March 1868. Married 29th Sept. 1865 with Larsine Schlanbusch, born 21st Sept. 1844 at Vossevangen, died 1st Oct. 1919 i Chicago, Illinois. She was the daughter of Teodor Georg Schlanbusch (1805-1852) and Larssina Gitlesdatter Bø (1811-1888). Nicolai and Larsine emigrated with the fregate "Protector" leaving Stavanger on 27th May 1867, arriving at Quebec, Canada 5th July the same year. Larsine is called "Sine" in the ship's passenger files, and their daughter Hildur, aged 3/4 of a year, was with them.
    After Nicolay's deatch, Larsine remarried on 12th March 1871 with Anders Madsen Askevold. See their children under (8c) below.
    Nicolai Castberg Jæger and Larsine Schlanbusch had two children:
    • 8 a. Hildur/Hilda, born 30/7 1866 at Voss, Norway, died 29st Jan 1946 at Mission township, LaSalle, Ill., USA. As young, she returned with her family to Norway and went to school there, before they returned from Bergen on 24th Apr 1884. The photograph above is taken while they were in Norway. Married 11th March 1886 to Henry ("Harry") Johnson/Norwick - both names are used, in Illinois, USA, where they lived at a farm just north of the town Norway. [Click here to see wedding certificate from Al Askevold 2004]. Henry Johnson was born on 26th March 1865, and died on 10th Oct 1931, some weeks after he suffered an accident at the farm. Children [2]:
      • 9 a. Luella Norwick, born 15th Jan 1887 Mission, died 28th July 1962, married 19th March 1908 to Joseph Tuntland, born 11th July 1884, died April 1966 Sheridan. One child:
        • 10 a. Howard LaVerne Tuntland, born 16th Dec 1908 Lisbon.
      • 9 b. Harvey Ernest Norwick, born 22nd Sept. 1888, married 19th Oct 1912 at Kendall Co., Ill. to Lena Iverson, daughter of Lars M. Iverson and Bertha Meling. Lena born 15th Nov 1890 at Newark, Kendall. Three children:
        • 10 a. Everett Norwick, born 5th Aug 1913
        • 10 b. Blanch Norwick
        • 10 c. Stanley Norwick, born 12th April 1916
      • 9 c. Florence Maybelle (Mabel)Norwick, born 22nd July 1867, marreid to Roy LaBolle, born 22nd July 1890. In 1917 farmer at LaSalle, Nortville section 16. Children:
        • 10 a. Hazel LaBolle
        • 10 b. Roy LaBolle, born 3rd Nov 1919
        • 10 c. Betty LaBolle
        • 10 d. Barbara LaBolle
        • 10. Nancy LaBolle
      • 9 d. Freda Norwick, married Vernon Brewer
      • 9 e. Vance Alvin Norwick, born 10th Sep 1894
      • 9 f. Myrtle (Mertle?) Evelyn Norwick, born 27th Aug. 1896, married Delbert LaBolle. Farmer LaSalle, Northville section 17 (?) 1917
      • 9 g. Floyd Sylan Norwick, born 26th Dec 1899, Mission.
      • 9 i. Edith Norwick, married Albert McCabe
    • 8 b. Thea Harriet, born 27th Oct 1867 in LaSalle County, Illinois, USA. Moved to Norway, returned to U.S.A. from Bergen 24th April 1884. Married 26th Jan 1892 to James (Jesse) Fred Allis, born 1870.
    • (8c.) Larsine remarried after Nocolai's death, and had three sons with Anders Madsen Askevold, born 16th Jan 1842 at Askevold Øvre, Askvoll, Norway, dead 16yh Aug 1901 in Chicago, Il., USA. He was the son of Mads Mathiassen Askevold (1798-1873) and Ingeborg Pederdatter Askevold (1809-1894). The following three children do not descend from the Jæger family, but are half siblings of the above.
      • (9 d/a.) Fridhjof August Askevold, born Wheaton, Cook County, Il, USA on 15th Aug 1872, married on 12th August 1905 with Anna Marie Rokne (1882-1953), dauther of Knut Knutsen Rocke and Anna Tomassen. Fridthjof Askevold died on 5th March 1945 at Melrose Park, Cook County, Illinois. Three children.
          • (This line leads to Al Askevold, Forsyth. Missouri.)
      • (9 e/b.) Theodore Georg Askevold, born 27th July 1877 in Chicago, Il., USA, married on 22nd Dec 1910 with Lucile Aimee Dove. One son.
      • (9 f/c.) Sigurd Askevold, born on 10th Jan 1882 in Bergen, Norway, married on 27th June 1907 with Mary Louise Constantine in Chicago. One daughter.

  • 7 i. Gjert Henrik Pantz Jæger, f. 10/5 1852 Hendrik Jæger born 1852 emigrated from Bergen 5/6-1880, unmarried. Henrik emigrated also 24/4-1884, together with his two nieces (see Hildur and Thea Harriet Jæger above). Married in USA.
    • 8 a. Osvald Jæger
    • 8 b. Gerda Jæger

    • 6 e. Lars Nikolaisen Jæger, born 12/11-1824 at Voss, merchant in i USA, married Marie Monsdatter Kallestad, born 1823 på Voss. Both of them emigrated from Bergen 28/9-1883. 3 children. WorldConnect 10/2-2004: John Fishbeck, jfishbeck@yahoo.com
      • 7 a. Nicolai (Nicholas L.) Jæger, born 17/7-1847 Voss, died 1/2-1946 Milford, Iroquois Co., Illinois, emigrated 5/5-1870 from Bergen to Quebec (ship: “Maryland”), farmer, married 26/7-1870 Kendall Co., Illinois Raynold Dands. 3 children
      • 7 b. Andreas (Andrew L.) Jæger, born c.1852, died Landis, Saskatchewan, merchant, married 4/4-1879 Kendall Anna C. Christian, born c. 1862 Norway, died Landis. 1880 Big Grove township: Jayer, tinpeddler. 5 children
        • 8 a. Leonard M. Jager, born 20/3-1881 Kendall, died Joliet, Will Co., Illinois, married 6/8-1902 Kendall Hulda Viola van Zandt born 13/9-1881 Kendall, died 1960. 3 children
        • 8 b. Clara Jager, born 2/6-1882, died 10/6-1882
        • 8 c. Edna Jager, born 9/6-1883 Kendall, died Landis , Saskatchewan, married McLeod
        • 8 d. Clara Rachel Jager, born 1/3-1885 Kendall, died 15/3-1917 Algona, Kossuth Co., Iowa, married 19/2-1902 Kendall Albert Essington Clayton (son of John Clayton and Mary Essington), boren 7/12-1876 Kendall, died 1/5-1943. 4 children
        • 8 e. Nettie Jager, born 1/3-1885 Kendall
      • 7 c. Nils (Nels L.) Jæger, born 1853 Voss, died 14/11-1945 Lisbon township, Kendall, emigrated 17/5-1869 from Bergen to Quebec (ship “Maryland”), farmer, married 4/3-1876 Cook Co. Inga Helgesdatter Lie (Lee), born 22 July 1848 at Voss, Norway, died 27 July 1921, Lisbon, IL, int Plattville, Kendall, IL. 1880 Lisbon: farmer
        • 8 a. Lewis Elmer Jager, born 1878, died early
        • 8 b. Harry Bertine M. Jager, born 14/2-1880 Kendall, died 15/12-1904 Lisbon. There is an oral tradition that Harry died in Elkhart, Indiana while attending college there, allegedly from drinking water from a poisoned well. (Source: Andreja Jager, 2006. She cannot confirm this tradition, although they have some of his college textbooks which he has signed, "Harry Jager, Elkhart, IN")
        • 8 c. Arthur Jager, born 13/5-1884 Kendall, died 17/7-1897 Kendall
        • 8 d. Elmer Martin Jager, born 23/6-1886 Kendall, died 15/8-1961 Sandwich, De Kalb Co., Illinois, married 28/1-1914 Kendall Mary Phillips (daughter of Frank L. Phillips and Emma A. Thurow), born 1894 Illinois, died 1956. 2 children.
        • 8 e. William Jager, born 5/11-1889 Kendall, died 13/2-1975 Indianapolis, married (1) c.1913 Jennie May Southcombe, born 6/6-1893 Kendall, died 26/3-1925 Aurora, Kane Co., Illinois, married (2) Ruth Ella Mewhirter, born 7/9-1898 Bristol, Kendall, died 7/12-1969 Morris. 1+2 children
          (Source for the following (to and incl. 10c Thomas): Andreja Jager, 2006): From marriage # 1 with Jennie May Southcombe:
        • 9a. Evelyne married LaVerne Anderson
          • 10a. Lyle Anderson
          • 10b. Ron Anderson
          • 10c. Clyde Anderson
            From marriage # 2 with Ruth Ella Mewirther:
          • 9b. Linn Jager m ? 
            • 10a. Scott (d 2003) 
          • 9c. Robert Jager married Harriet Henderson 
          • 10a. Diane m  1. Paul Eaton (1 daughter) 2. Steve Yelvington (2 daughters) 
          • 10b. William m 1. Della Birdswell  2. Laura Briik (1 daughter) 3. Andreja Mateski (1 son, 1 daughter)
          • 10c. Thomas m Rebecca Beuckmann (2 sons)

            • 7 b. Theodor Georg Jæger, born 1857 Voss, emigrated from Bergen 7/5-1880

          • 6 a. Malene Helmers, married with Jens Eide Skorpen, bosatt i USA

        • 5 h. Paul Moltzau Jæger, born 8/2 1817 Voss, bosatt i USA. married with Ingebjørg Olsdatter from Kinsarvik i Hardanger. Fire children. Vognmannsenken Ingeborg (born 1832 i Ullensvang) emigrated from Bergen 18/8-1905 to Eau Claire, Wisconsin
          • 6 a. Nils Knag* Jæger, born 1/1 1864 Voss, emigrated from Bergen 23/4-1884, gårdbruker i USA. * Det står "Kang" i Olaf Jægers Jæger-stamtavle from 1917, men jeg antar det skal være "Knag" (red. anm.)
          • 6 b. Olaf (Ole) Jæger, born 6/1 1867 Voss, emigrated from Bergen 15/10-1885, bosatt i USA
          • 6 c. Lars Jæger, born 17/9 1869 Voss, emigrated from Bergen 13/4-1888, bosatt i USA
          • 6 d. Ingebjørg Jæger, born 25/12 1871, bosatt i USA

      de Créqui dit la Roche d.y.

      Descending from Ahasverus de Créqui dit la Roche the younger (abt 1671- ) and his wife Anne Knudsdatter Urne and their three children. See Chapter 11-2-1.

      • 5 Torbjørn Hanssen b: okt.1801 Sævik, Åkra, Karmøy, Rogaland d: 1861 Haga, Skudenes, Karmøy, Rogaland Bosatt på Haga. married with Anna Serine Jakobsdatter b: mai.1811 Syre, Skudenes, Karmøy, Rogaland married: 1835 d: 1853 Haga, Skudenes, Karmøy, Rogaland. Torbjørn and Anna Serine did not emigrate, but all their children did:
        • 6 Hans Jakob Torbjørnsen b: 1837 unmarried. to Iowa, USA.
        • 6 Olene Torbjørnsdatter b: 1838 unmarried. to Iowa, USA.
        • 6 Berta Serine Torbjørnsdatter b: 1839 Haga, Skudenes, Karmøy, Rogaland d: 1889 USA Ingen children. married with Nils Eliassen b: 8. desember 1842 married: 3. november 1865 d: 10. desember 1921 Nils var prest.
        • 6 Tobias Torbjørnsen b: ca. 1840 d: California, USA unmarried. Bodde en tid i England, senere i USA.
        • 6 Anna Malene Torbjørnsdatter b: 6. september 1843 d: USA Bosatt i Iowa, USA. 6 children.
        • 6 Hans Ole Torbjørnsen b: 22. november 1845 unmarried. Prest. Skolelærer i Chelsey, Iowa.
        • 6 Johan Torbjørnsen b: 5. mars 1848 Haga, Skudenes, Karmøy, Rogaland d: Arkansas, USA 9 children i USA.married with Johanne Sofie Johansdatter b: 1849 Nedre Falnes, Skudenes, Karmøy, Rogaland married: 1876
        • 6 Hanna Mettine Torbjørnsdatter b: 28. februar 1850 Haga, Skudenes, Karmøy, Rogaland d: Iowa, USA Bosatt i USA. 10 children. married with Lars Larssen Haaland b: 1845
          • 7 Minnie Holland
          • 7 Lewis B. Holland
          • 7 Jake L. Holland
          • 7 Hattie Holland
          • 7 Elmer Holland
          • 7 Hiram Holland
          • 7 Anna Belda Holland
          • 7 Tamlin Silas Holland

      Ahasverus d.y. & Haldri:

      Descending from Ahasverus de Créqui dit la Roche the younger (abt 1671- ) and his mistress Haldri Bjørnsdotter and their one child. See Chapter 11-2-1.

      • 7 [38] Fredrik Ahasverus Fredriksen b: 14. oktober 1874 to USA.

      • 7 [40] Asbjørn Fredriksen b: 22. april 1879 to Amerika.

      • 6 Rasmus Asbjørnsen b: 7. juli 1833 Jåsund, Sola, Rogaland d: USA Reiste to Amerika. married with Karen Taletta Tolleivsdatter b: 27. november 1838 Stokka, Høyland, Rogaland married: 11. februar 1861 d: USA
        • 7 Adolf Kristian Rasmussen b: 20. desember 1863
        • 7 Rasmus Kornelius Rasmussen b: 7. mars 1876
        • 7 Anna Marie Rasmusdatter b: 29. juli 1878

      • 7 Ole Helmik Olsen b: 26. august 1879 to Amerika.

      • 7 [38] Fredrik Ahasverus Fredriksen b: 14. oktober 1874 to USA.

      • 7 [40] Asbjørn Fredriksen b: 22nd April 1879 to Amerika

      • 7 Helge Johan Olsen b: 2nd September 1886 to Amerika.

      • 7 Ole Helmik Olsen b: 7th February 1891 to Amerika.

      von Alst

      Descending from Karen de Créqui dit la Roche and her husband Christian von Alst and their two children. See Chapter 11-2-2.

      • 7 l. Hulda Karen Emilie Christensen, f. 21.12.1861, d. 1927, gm27.6.1883 fabrikkeier i Manchester Harold Woolley, f. 1850, d. 1889


      [1] Knut Arneson Rene:
      Historie om Udvandringen fra Voss og Vossingerne i Amerika, Madison, Wis., U.S.A. 1930. The book has been translated into English 2003 by Stanley J. Nuland, M.D., and published in pdf-format: History of Emigration from Voss and the Vossings in America. References to the book are made to the pdf-version.
      [2] All information from Al Askevold, 287 Orchard Drive, Forsyth MO. 65653, USA. Based upon several sources: The Jæger files: The Askevold files: Bernt Askevold, Askevold Slægten (1915); Abraham Loftheim: Askevold Bygdbok, Folket II, Akevold Sogenemnd (1971); and several entrances in Al Askevold's private files.



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