11th Chapter, Part 3: Descendants

Ahasverus de Créqui dit la Roche's child with Betje Adriaens


First time published on 6th January 2005
Betje took the case to court, demanding alimony for the child, payment of birth costs and a sum for her defloration; a total of 600 Guilders, which was a considerable sum of money. Three hearings appeared where the father or his solicitor was ordered to appear. Ahasverus had rejected her claim, but did not appear in court. After this, with the child by then 20 weeks old, she handed the case to the court to take action. Alas, there is no date or year on these documents, they simply describe the situation until the hand-over [to the court]. However, the fact that Swerus carried the patronymicon and family name after Ahasverus, must mean that the court has decided in her favour and declared him as the father.

There is no proof that Betje ever got married, but she was still alive in 1685. At her grandchildren's baptisms, she were not listed as a witness, but her niece witnessed on two occasions.

Since we have no date or year, we cannot know whether Swerus was born before or after Ahasverus de Créqui dit la Roche got married to Judith Sweers in 1648. There is no mentioning of broken wedding vows in Betje's insinuations, but on the other side no mentioning that Ahasverus should already be married to another woman.

[1] See also Carsten Berg Høgenhoff: Ahasverus de Créqui dit la Roche, slektshistorie i Nederlandene og Norge - Addenda et corrigenda, Norsk Slektshistorisk Tidsskrift XXXIX/4, Oslo 2004. In this short article, a Sweris Sweris Laroche is briefly mentioned on page 453, in conntection with other children of Ahasverus and of his brother, Jean. However, at the time of publication, the court records about the boy's mother were not yet known, and Sweris/Swerus could not be placed in any connection with the rest of the family.


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